The Americana Corporation was established in 1990.  Our vision has always been to develop powerful but easy to use programs along with providing a level of customer service that our customers can truly depend on.

Through the determination of our experienced staff along with the dedication to our customers, our industry, and our programs, Americana has become a leading provider of information management technology. Our programs and services are currently being utilized by hundreds of companies across the nation.

And now Americana is proud to provide another powerful tool with the Water Utility Data Base system, better known as The WUDB System.

WUDB is a key component in tracking information that is used to help assist water and utility companies, as they work together to catch and collect their outstanding debts from former customers. The results from using WUDB has shown to reduce and sometimes eliminate those huge amounts of bad debt that becomes impossible to absorb without the thought of a rate increase.

All of the staff at Americana appreciate your interest in our Water Utility Data Base and look forward to serving you and your staff in this effort. Below is a users manual that will help you to utilize the WUDB system to its full potential to help you and others collect that outstanding debt.

Click here to view the WUDB User's Manual  

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